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Figure 1 - US patent application  ​excerpt showing under the wing attachment of DiscThruster disc being spun by two modified off -the-shelf turboshaft engines. Both engines are used for takeoff, single large engine for climb, and smaller engine for cruise, matching power requirements and maximizing fuel efficiency

2020-2022 Testing

DiscThruster 2.0 Prototype Testing - Closed Loop

To totally new DiscThruster 2.0 includes a closed loop water turbine and fluid collection annulus, located radially outward and circumferentially around the disc circumference. The water turbine accepts radially outflowing fluid that has previously been used to create pressure thrust. By expelling it through numerous choking nozzles.

Running a little slower than half the speed of the disc, the water turbine pulls off fluid momentum energy and slows fluid flow down to where the outer annulus can gather and recycle fluid back to the DiscThruster. Creating a closed loop pressure thrust propulsion with zero momentum thrust. Momentum energy gained by the water turbine is added back to the DiscThruster main shaft through a gear drivetrain, adding overall system efficiency.

2017-2019 Testing

DiscThruster 1.0 Prototype Testing - Open Loop

DiscThruster 1.0 illustrated in this website was successful in generating 6-7 lbf (27-31 N) of pressure thrust propulsion, per actual thrust stand measurements. Two-phase fluid (water and gas) chokes in the numerous rocket nozzles at a predicted low velocity. Creating a centerline pressure thrust.

After the previously choked fluid exits the numerous rocket nozzles, high rotational speed of the disc impart a tangential velocity. Fluid channels force the fluid out the disc circumference at a 90-degree angle from the centerline (see video clip illustration). Such that its momentum thrust is canceled in the centerline direction. This is considered an "open loop" system because fluid then leaves the control system.

​Fall 2016

US Patent and Trademark Office Publishes Patent Application

Foreign PCT Application filed 31 Dec 2015 Has Been Published

  • ​US Patent Application No. 14/599,495 filed 17-Jan-2015
  • Title: DiscThruster, pressure thrust based aircraft engine

​​Download the Patent Application for Free Here:

Download AIAA Paper Manuscript for Free Here:

​​​Technical Paper Presentation - COMPLETE. Well Received

  • Conference Name - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Propulsion and Energy Conference held  25-27 July 2016 in Salt Lake City, UT USA
  • Paper Title - Disruptive Propulsion Technology Makes Endo/Exoatmosphere Operating Commercial Aircraft Possible

  • Session Name - VS-01, Advanced Vehicle Systems

  • Presentation Time - 4:00 PM (1600) Mountain Standard Time

  • Synopsis - Applies theoretical disruptive propulsion to future commercial aircraft in a nearly 7,000 possible outcome trade space with the one winner having counterintuitive results