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Figure 1 - US patent application  ​excerpt showing under the wing attachment of DiscThruster disc being spun by two modified off -the-shelf turboshaft engines. Both engines are used for takeoff, single large engine for climb, and smaller engine for cruise, matching power requirements and maximizing fuel efficiency

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Winter 2018 Testing

DiscThruster Prototype Testing

10.5-inch dia DiscThruster prototype testing and publishing of operational videos and performance parameters

​Fall 2016

US Patent and Trademark Office Publishes Patent Application

Foreign PCT Application filed 31 Dec 2015 Has Been Published

  • ​US Patent Application No. 14/599,495 filed 17-Jan-2015
  • Title: DiscThruster, pressure thrust based aircraft engine

​​Download the Patent Application for Free Here:

Download AIAA Paper Manuscript for Free Here:

​​​Technical Paper Presentation - COMPLETE. Well Received

  • Conference Name - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Propulsion and Energy Conference held  25-27 July 2016 in Salt Lake City, UT USA
  • Paper Title - Disruptive Propulsion Technology Makes Endo/Exoatmosphere Operating Commercial Aircraft Possible

  • Session Name - VS-01, Advanced Vehicle Systems

  • Presentation Time - 4:00 PM (1600) Mountain Standard Time

  • Synopsis - Applies theoretical disruptive propulsion to future commercial aircraft in a nearly 7,000 possible outcome trade space with the one winner having counterintuitive results