About Us


Our mission: Providing paradigm-shifting propulsion to the world 

iPropulsion is a small business focused on design, prototype testing, reducing-to-practice, and commercialization of the disruptive propulsion concept called DiscThruster. Development status is as follows:

Propulsion Concept Demonstrator
DiscThruster Proof-of-Concept  - 10.5-inch (26.7 cm) dia. disc driven by a 22 hp (16.4 kW) gas engine with a goal (not a claim) of producing tens-of-pounds of thrust

  • Purpose - Proof-of-concept, develop performance metrics
  • Status - Prototype under construction. No testing or test results available

DiscThruster Pathfinder - 750 lbf ( 3,336 N) thrust class scale up engine driven by a gas engine or electric motor        

  • Purpose - Pathfinder scaleup, benchmark performance, test in relevant environment, and extrapolate to higher thrust class engines
  • Status - Design phase only. Finalized design will be based on proof-of-concept test results

iPropulsion Market Focus
iPropulsion Focus -  Using a majority of outside assistance we will develop and produce large thrust class commercial engines with disruptive specific fuel consumption (SFC) gains over state-of-the-art and future turbofan and open rotor blade engines

  • Configuration - 28,500 lbf (126,774 N) thrust class engine using 42-inch (107 cm) dia. DiscThruster disc driven by modified off the shelf (MOTS) turboshaft engines.  Thrust level reflects US Patent application engine sizing example

  • Market - Single aisle narrow body aircraft