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Upcoming events include 10.5-inch  (26.7-cm) dia DiscThruster disc prototype testing  using a 22 hp (16.4 kw) gas engine, testing videos, thrust vs. hp curves, and calculated specific fuel consumption (SFC).

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iPropulsionis a small business developing the DiscThruster propulsion invention. A proof-of-concept prototype is currently being assembled, slated for early spring 2018 validation testing.
For DiscThruster theory, design, and how it works, just press the square green button below.

How DiscThruster Works


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1. Obeys physics Rocket Equation 

2.  Pressure Thrust based propulsion,  not traditional Momentum Thrust

3.  Passes low velocity choking two-phase fluid     (<50 ft/sec [15 m/s]) through non-expanding rocket nozzles, for the highest possible Pressure Thrust-to-Momentum Thrust ratio

4.  Recycles fluid while zeroing out Momentum Thrust, thus conserving Newton's 3rd law

5.  No mass leaves the control volume

​6.  Potential disruptive propulsion efficiency for aircraft, launch vehicles, and spacecraft